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  Angel on Bench Cultured Marble Statuary Token Cremation Urn
Keepsake and Token Urns
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Product ID: 10620

This is a miniature urn and is intended to hold only a small portion of cremains. Its maximum volume is 7 cubic inches.

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The Angel on Bench token cultured marble cremation urn is crafted from a material made from resin and crushed stone. The urn can be sealed closed using the included silicone adhesive.

As a Token of Remembrance
Keepsake and token remembrance cremation urns are miniature urns that are designed to hold only a small portion of ashes, or cremated remains. Keepsake urns are medium-sized and token urns are the very smallest cremation urns.

Keepsake and token cremation urns make it possible for family members or friends to divide up the cremated remains so that each person can have an urn. If the cremated remains are to be scattered, keepsakes and tokens also make it possible for loved ones and friends to retain a small amount of cremated remains to be scattered later or kept as a permanent memorial.

Perfect for Home Display or Burial
Because of the strength of cultured marble, most cemeteries will allow this urn to be buried in an earth grave without the use of an urn vault. However, you should still check specific cemetery regulations to be sure. Once buried, cultured marble can withstand most ground-surface pressures of a cemetery (i.e., tombstones or grave-digging machinery). Though this cultured marble urn functions as urn vault for burial, it can also be either kept at home or entombed in a cemetery columbarium niche.

Approximate Product Dimensions:
Height: 8.50"
Diameter: 4.00"

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