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Narrow Band Titanium Cremation Jewelry Bracelet

Cremation Jewelry
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Approximate Product Specs
< 1 lb
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Cubic Inch
This is cremation jewelry and is intended to hold only a small portion of cremains. Its maximum volume is less than 1 cubic inch.
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Narrow Band Titanium Cremation Jewelry Bracelet
Item Description
The Narrow Band cremation jewelry bracelet is a titanium bracelet and has a titanium charm designed to hold a small portion of ashes, or cremated remains, a small lock of hair, dried flowers, or earth from a special location. The Narrow Band bracelet makes it possible for family members or friends to keep precious and cherished memories close to the heart.

A small funnel should be used to easily fill the pendant. The urn bracelet can be permanently sealed using a small amount of modeling glue or fast-acting adhesive.
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