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Small Memorial Wind Chime Token Cremation Urn
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This is a miniature urn and is intended to hold only a small portion of cremains. Its maximum volume is 5 cubic inches.
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Small Memorial Wind Chime Token Cremation Urn
Item Description
The Small Memorial Wind Chime is a token cremation urn which is also designed to function as a small outdoor wind chime. The urn has a weatherproof seal, keeping the cremated remains safe and secure. The Memorial Wind Chime features black-finish wood, silver-anodized aluminum tubes, a black-plated zinc urn, and a silver aluminum feather.

Every part of the Memorial Wind Chime is weather protected. Over time, however, those layers of protection can begin to wear. To enjoy your Memorial Wind Chime for years to come, we suggest the following simple maintenance tips:

Periodically, apply a thin layer of Danish or lemon oil with a clean cloth to the hardwood parts. Regular oiling will help protect the wood and retard the natural aging process.

The Memorial Wind Chime tubes are made of silver-anodized aluminum that will not rust when exposed to the elements. However, over time, the aluminum may show pitting as a result of environmental factors. Please note this will not affect the beautiful tones of your chimes. If necessary, use mild soap and water (or a foaming, non-abrasive cleanser) to clean the tubes. You can also use very fine #00 steel wool to polish and restore the aluminum tubes.

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