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Villanovan Ceramic Cremation Urn

Cremation Urns
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6 lbs
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Cubic Inch
This is a full-size single urn and is designed to hold the cremains of a person having a total body weight of up to 220 pounds prior to cremation.
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Free U.S. Ground Shipping
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Villanovan Ceramic Cremation Urn
Item Description
The Villanovan ceramic cremation urn is based on ancient Villanovan cinerary urns. It is crafted from earthenware clay using the coil technique. The bowl-like lid has handles modeled into animal shapes.

Biconical cinerary urns covered with bowl-like lids were used in the burial rites of the ancient Villanovan culture (circa 1100-700 B.C.). This is the earliest Iron Age culture of central and northern Italy, with origins from the Eastern Alps. Frequently, the urns were decorated with incised designs and the handles were embellished with modeled animal forms. Typically these distinctively-shaped vessels were dark in color. This urn is finished with a fine white clay slip or terra sigillata that was applied in many very thin layers and polished to create the soft sheen. This urn also includes a small bowl-like internal lid that can be used to seal the vessel.

Since each Villanovan urn is special and one-of-a-kind, please allow for slight variations in color, texture, and size.

A Beautiful Ceramic Urn
Ceramic is made by heating raw materials, usually clay, in a kiln. The word "ceramic" comes from the Greek word keramikos, meaning pottery. Because ceramic cremation urns are often created, or thrown, by hand, please allow for slight variations in color, texture, and size.

Perfect for Home Display
Since this urn has been painstakingly crafted down to the last intricate detail, it is intended to be kept at home. However, this urn can also be entombed in an oversized cemetery columbarium niche or buried in an earth grave. Please note that some cemetery regulations may require the use of an urn vault prior to earth burial, but due to the large size of this urn, a standard-sized urn vault cannot be used.
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