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Engraveable Wooden Urn Base Plate Easel

Cremation Urn Appliqués
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Approximate Product Specs
1 lbs
Engraving Options
  • Surface Engraving
Product ID: 18900
Cubic Inch
This is an urn appliqué and is intended to decorate or customize an urn. It is not designed to hold cremains.
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Engraveable Wooden Urn Base Plate Easel
Item Description
The engravable wooden easel is a 6.75" x 1.25" x 7" cremation urn base plate. The inset circle is 4" in diameter. This base plate is meant to sit beneath the urn to provide an engravement to urns that cannot be surface engraved.

A Beautiful, Personalized Tribute
A cremation urn appliqué is an emblem, artistic design, or some other small decoration intended to be affixed to a flat-surfaced cremation urn. Most cremation urn appliqués are applied using double-sided adhesive tape.
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