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Romo's Angel Cast Resin Statuary Cremation Urn

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10 lbs
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    Cubic Inch
    This is a full-size single urn and is designed to hold the cremains of a person having a total body weight of up to 210 pounds prior to cremation.
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    Romo's Angel Cast Resin Statuary Cremation Urn
    Item Description
    The Romo's Angel is a "cold cast" statuary cremation urn in the shape of S. Romo's famous Angel sculpture. Cold cast are tough, hard polymers that are particularly well-suited for casting in elaborate, intricate molds. Cold cast materials are particularly known for their durability.

    Where the Heart Is...
    Statuary urns are statues that also function as cremation urns. They are often cast from original pieces of artwork using premium materials. Statuary cremation urns are designed to offer safe a place keep the ashes, or cremated remains, of a deceased loved one or friend, and also blend in naturally and discreetly with regular home décor. After all, it is said that home is where the heart is.

    Perfect for Home Display
    Since this urn has been painstakingly crafted down to the last intricate detail, it is intended to be kept at home. However, this urn can also be entombed in an oversized cemetery columbarium niche or buried in an earth grave. Please note that some cemetery regulations may require the use of an urn vault prior to earth burial, but due to the large size of this urn, a standard-sized urn vault cannot be used.
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