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Coral Shell Biodegradable Companion Cremation Urn

Companion Urns
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Approximate Product Specs
4 lbs
Product ID: 10698
Cubic Inch
This is a companion urn and is designed to hold the cremains of two people having a total combined body weight of up to 400 pounds prior to cremation.
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Coral Shell Biodegradable Companion Cremation Urn
Item Description
The Coral Shell Deep Water biodegradable companion cremation urn is crafted using a centuries old paper making technique. It is intended to be placed in the ocean for water burial and will break down naturally over time, eventually releasing the cremated remains into the ocean.

An Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cremation Urn
This urn is crafted from natural, Eco-friendly materials. Biodegradable cremation urns are thoughtfully made with nature and our environment in mind.

Designed for Water Burial
After the cremated remains have been placed inside, the urn will float on the water surface for a few minutes before descending gracefully to the ocean floor. There is no "shelf-life" associated with this urn, which means it will not break down until it has been exposed to the elements. However, protective covering should remain on the urn until it is ready for water burial.

A Few Things to Consider before Scattering...
The scattering of cremated remains is a beautiful way to pay final tribute to a deceased loved one or friend. However, if you intend to scatter any cremated remains on someone else's private property (or on public property), you must first contact the owner(s) or appropriate authorities to make sure they will permit the scattering. You might also want to consider retaining a small portion of the cremated remains in order to establish a small, permanent memorial in your home, backyard, or family cemetery. A small amount of cremated remains can be kept in optional cremation jewelry, or in keepsake urns or token urns.
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